~rosie. mostly supernatural. this is a collection of things i admire~.

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pretty sure the westboro baptist church think about gay sex more than gay people think about gay sex

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people who say the n word and the f word make me angry

ned flanders


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no Santa, they’re not gifts, they’re jifts.

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Hi, I have a cell phone account with you guys, and I lost my phone. I was wondering if you could turn the GPS on for me. Name’s Wedge Antilles, social is 2474. Thank you.

The name Sam used, Wedge Antilles, is from Star Wars

Wedge was pressured to join the Rebel Alliance (good guys) but kept saying no because he didn’t want to be a soldier. He left home on a job and came back to find his girlfriend had been killed by the Imperials (dark side). He quickly joined the Rebel Alliance because he wanted to get revenge for the loss of the woman he loved (x)

Dean knew that Sam would identify with Wedge because they share a tragic story


Supernatrual subtext anaylizations are amazing. 


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John’s watching one of his trashy reality television shows when Sherlock collapses on the couch and plops his head in his lap. John ignores him at first, but Sherlock arches his neck and butts his head into John’s stomach. Smiling, John puts his hands in Sherlock’s thick curls and starts lightly tugging, running the pads of his fingers over Sherlock’s scalp. Sherlock practically purrs, curling in towards John and not moving his head one inch.

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