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Demon Dean in the Season 10 promo (x)

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we went upstate and my dog was being a butt and trying to swipe at fish in the lake and she fell in and when we dried her off she was still shivering so i put a sweater on her 

oh my god

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44% of the audience of Guardians of the Galaxy is female and all the speculation states that women went to see it for Chris Pratt’s body. I don’t think that’s fair. Maybe (and this is crazy) they just like kickass movies with space shit and explosions. Maybe women can do things without men being their motivation. Maybe.

Bless you


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"… India Russia…" (c)

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marry someone who has a different favorite cereal than u so they wont eat all of urs

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This is the story of a boy who watched his mother die at age four. This is the story of a boy who spent his childhood on the road, left in motel rooms for weeks at a time by an absent father, to raise his little brother. A boy who put his brother’s needs in front of his own, giving him everything he had, protecting him as best as he could from the evils he knew waited in the dark. A boy who made his first sawed-off shotgun in sixth grade. A boy who tried so hard to impress his father and be just like him. A boy who dropped out of high school.

This is the story of a man who lost his father after he traded his life for his son’s after he died in a car accident. The story of a man who then sold his own soul for his brother’s life just a year later. A man who was brutally killed, and spent 40 years in Hell. A man who then was then raised from perdition by angels, and dug his way out of his own grave. A man who watched the person he cared about most deal with a powerful and destructive addiction. A man who witnessed the rise of Lucifer. A man who had to see the devil possess his brother in order to stop the Apocalypse. A man who then lost his brother (again), and then had to deal with the aftermath when he came back without a soul. A man who tried in vain to make a new life for himself and a family he found with an old girlfriend. A man who had to experience the bitter betrayal of his closest friend and subsequent “death”. A man who only a few months later lost the person who he had come to view as a father. A man who did all he could to help when his brother started having hallucinations.

A man who spent a year in Purgatory. A man who, a year later, was so desperate to not lose his dying brother AGAIN, did something he felt extremely guilty about. A man who became so focused on the mission after the fallout of that decision, that he rushed into arming himself with a weapon of terrible power without bothering to learn the consequences. A man who hated himself, convinced he was worthless and dispensable. A man who decided too late that he didn’t want to become a monster. A man who died in his brother’s arms.

This is the story of a man who became a demon.

I now own season 2 Hannibal on DVD!

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